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Your story for submission must be previously unpublished and in English. It needs to be written by a person, not a PR department. By submitting your article, you are agreeing to “Assignment of Copyright”, meaning the article cannot be published anywhere else and we hold the rights of the article.

  • All articles are subject to editing or we will request for any grammar fixes
  • Headlines and subheads are subject to change.
  • Links may be added for context.
  • Art (photos) will be added at the discretion of Modern Wanderlust staff. However, do provide us with your photos as it will help our readers see your whole content from your perspective.

We encourage drawing from your own experiences. Provide how-to’s, steps/process you took. Being detail oriented and informative. Articles should primarily focus on your own perspective, nothing generic. Why, how did you fall in love with the city, the food, culture, lifestyle? What made you decide to come here? Why are you different? What’s your perspective? Have you read our stories? What types of articles are we missing and do you have a solution? We are looking for all types of tones, voices, perspectives, ideas, etc!

We have a three strike rule: If you submit articles that is not relevant or insulting towards anyone, we will ban you from submitting any articles ever again.

  1. The length of articles is normally no greater than 3,000 words (we love stories!). An article exceeding the length limit will be returned to the author. Most articles are around 750–900 words but write what the heart desires. We cannot offer to pay for contributed stories, but if they’re engaging to read and useful to our audience, we will energetically promote them, just like any other story that runs on our site.
  2. At the beginning of the article, the title, abstract and a list of keywords should immediately precede the text. Ask yourself what would you want to read or what title will grab your attention. It’s all about you!
  3. Please provide any photos related to the article.
  4. Any relevant links you want to share such as Instagram, your website/business/blog etc.
  1. If you are trying to promote your business, DO NOT overly promote your business, we are looking for unique perspectives. If you want to advertise on our site, you can contact us at via the form below
  2. Please DO NOT write, I love this city because it’s a beautiful country. Share your experience, describe it and help create a picture for the readers.
  3. Include a bio about yourself so we can see you! If you do not want to share your a selfie, we will totally understand.

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