Easy Drive, San Miguel de Allende to Oaxaca, Avoids Mexico City

blue vehicle parked near building at daytime

With the extension of the Arco Norte toll road beyond Querétaro, visitors to San Miguel de Allende can drive to Oaxaca in seven hours, avoiding Mexico City.

With the completion of the Arco Norte toll road from Puebla to Querétaro and beyond, residents of and vacationers to San Miguel de Allende can drive to Oaxaca in about seven hours. The entire route except for the first half hour or so as one departs San Miguel de Allende, is “autopista.”

The pluses of the new highway for those interested in leaving San Miguel de Allende for a visit to Oaxaca and its central valleys, include the following:

  • One avoids the Mexico City area entirely, and accordingly the highway log jams, getting lost, and concerns about daily restrictions on which vehicles can enter the city on what days of the week
  • Travel time is greatly reduced, enabling one to perhaps spend those “saved” hours visiting Puebla or Querétaro
  • Even within the context of a brief vacation to San Miguel de Allende, one can spend most of one’s time exploring the area around San Miguel de Allende including Guanajuato, and do the same regarding Oaxaca, walking around downtown for a day or two, and then leaving the city and trekking off for one or two days along Oaxaca’s traditional touring routes

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