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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Brazil

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Brazil flag beside green palm trees

Explore More of South America’s Largest Country

When it comes to traveling in South America choosing a destination can be a difficult task. Brazil or Brasil is a beautiful country that provides endless options for adventure and unique experiences. Brazil being the only country in South America that speaks Portuguese instead of Spanish, you’ll see a different type of culture if you’re traveling within South America. The country in itself is enormous and the people varies in each state. Whether the reason is a beautiful beach, tasty food or interesting history, Brazil is the place to see.


people on beach during daytime

The beaches of Brazil are without a doubt the country’s number one tourist attraction. People from all over the world choose Brazil for their tropical vacations. Travelers can choose a beach full of people, restaurants, shopping and nightlife like those found in the popular tourist destination of Rio de Janeiro. However, if a peaceful retreat is desired there are many options.

Despite the emphasis on the lively beaches of the northeast, there are many secluded spots tucked along the coast. A popular spot with locals and other South Americans is the island of Santa Catarina and Florianopolis filled with quiet, relaxing beaches full of beautiful scenery.


Brazilian Churrasco

If experiencing other cultures through food is a top priority Brazil is the place! From exotic tropical fruits to exquisitely prepared Brazilian beef visitors can find something to please the palate. Make plans to eat at a Churrascaria for dinner and taste the best cuts of meat in the country paired with an unforgettable dining experience. Enjoy a Caipirinha made from the sugarcane liquor, cachaça, and fresh fruit. Be careful though cachaça can be pretty powerful!


Go beyond what Brazil is known for and enjoy fresh seafood along the coast of the country. Camarão na Moranga is a unique dish of shrimp and cheese baked in a sweet pumpkin. Brazilian wines and beers can add the right touch to any meal. Top off a wonderful dining experience with a local dessert such as caramel-like brigadeiros, or passion fruit mousse.

Monuments and Historic Attractions

Brazil is definitely more than just beaches. The cities of South America’s largest country have rich histories. Some tell the stories of gold mining days while others still represent the cultures and traditions of their early African or European settlers.

Many monuments reflect the country’s strong religious ties to the Roman Catholic Church. Ornate cathedrals can be found in almost every city center. A few choices for a culturally rich travel experience include Brasilia, Curitiba – Paraná, Ouro Preto – Minas Gerais and the European Valley – Santa Catarina.

The Natural World

green-leafed plant

Rainforests, waterfalls and mountain ranges are just a few Brazilian attractions that fill travelers with the awe that only nature’s wonders can provide. There are many tours available throughout the country to help visitors in getting to these natural destinations.

Appeal to a sense of adventure or relax through nature in Brazil. Some beautiful and unique travel spots include the Amazon Jungle, Cataratas do Iguaçu,- Paraná, Bonito-Mato Grosso do Sul, and the Aparados da Serra and Serra Geral National Parks.

Diverse Cultures

Surprisingly, Brazil has the largest Japanese population outside of Japan. In addition, there are many cities throughout the country where the residents speak their native languages of German and Italian. The diverse cultures of Brazil make it feel like visitors are getting to experience several countries in one.

Early settlers from Japan and Europe brought with them their unique foods and cultural practices. Over the years these things have mixed with traditional Brazilian cultures to create unique travel destinations. Travelers just might be surprised by what can be experienced while visiting Brazil!