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5 Essential Ways to Travel like a Backpacker


We are travelers: travelers who actually experience the culture of the country they visit, who allow themselves to be drawn to the unknown and who are not afraid to follow the white rabbit, which will inevitably lead to special connections and experiencing situations that will be unique and that we will then claim exclusively as our own.

And while for the most part, this is all very romantic and true–you need to leave space for the unexpected when traveling (and, for that matter, in life in general) to make it magic.

Yet, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that we do, indeed, make the most of this life-changing experience.

So how do you jump into this backpackers bandwagon? Well, scroll ahead to find out.


1: Only pack what you can replace

This is the essence of light-packing. Do not carry valuable items and let go of anything that takes up too much volume/space. Think minimalism. Carry and dispose of miniature versions of the standard toiletries until finished. Not only will this help you travel light but it’s also a great budgeting tip.

2: Make camps and hostels your new way of life

If there is one thing that even a non-traveler can tell you about the way of life backpacking, it is basic (non-luxurious) accommodation. Of course, the accommodation options are much better now, thanks to Airbnb, they’re still cost-effective. Look into the average cost of hostels and then start looking for an Airbnb to see if it’s comparable.

3: Let go of what doesn’t bring you joy anymore

Believe it or not, though objects carry energy. So anything that no longer gives you happiness, whether it’s an old book or a tattered bag-get rid of it. Newer ones you could always buy, but don’t let the negative energy weigh you down.

4: choosing what to wear

It’s a given. If you carried five pairs of jeans with different shoes to match, you could not be a backpacker. Although it would be ideal to limit the amount of clothes, opt for lighter fabrics to reduce the weight. Carry as many flexible fabrics as you can so you don’t need to miss the need for layers. And learning to wash your clothes by hand!

5: Bring your own, make your own.

Take your own, whether it’s drinks, boozing or rentals. Many local places aim to trick visitors and newbies, by raising their prices and changing foreign policy, so it’s best to carry your own things, cook your own food. But a good tip to save money, and to discover the local way of life.


While this is not your ultimate guide to becoming a backpacker, it’s lightweight and essential to help you get started on this journey.