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Can I Pay with Apple Pay in Medellin?

Apple payment square

Medellin is a city where you will see amazing infrastructure and technology growth. You will meet entrepreneurs and hustlers, yet ATM machines and cash payment everywhere you go. Most Colombian banks have smart chips on their debit cards and a handful of places where you can tap your debit card for payment.

Drones, Virtual Reality, business growing, entrepreneurs, and freelancers growing. But the keyword is “growing”, Medellin is a city where you feel few neighborhoods are growing at a rapid rate, compared to most neighborhoods immerse in their culture.

If you live in other parts of the country, you are familiar with Apple Pay, Square or other methods of payment. You won’t be able to find a place where you can use Apple Pay in Medellin.

Your Starbucks app or if you added Starbucks to your Apple Pay, you won’t be able to use it either in Medellin. Check out our article about Starbucks in Medellin.

Why go to Starbucks in Medellin when you’re in Colombia?!

Yet, if you are a lover of technology and growth, you might find a reason to stay in Medellin. While buying electronics might be a bit more expensive due to import tax, you can go to Monterey Mall and check out a mall dedicated to electronics.

A word of caution, you will find Drones and Cassette player in the same store. Think of it as swamp meet, and hopefully, we can an article about it very soon.

There’s something happening in Medellin

You get to see a country, more specifically a city developing every day. Little by little, you get to see enhancements, growth, and opportunities. Stay in Medellin and explore these changes. Rappi a delivery service (article coming soon) wants to deliver anything and everything.

We hope to see Yoga instructors using Square like payment processing, Starbucks finally bringing all of their convenience to Medellin, hey maybe people with avocado carts might accept Apple Pay in the future 🙂

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