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Did You Know? Medellin’s Bad Parked Cars Occupy 40% of the Road

parked car in medellin

Last year, 29,781 drivers and 19,769 motorcyclists were fined for poor parking in Medellin. So far in 2017, the comparisons to vehicles that parked in forbidden places was total of 14,853 cars and 7,033 bikes.

Medellin, being a developing city is now adding those yellow locks other countries are familiar with.

parked car fine medellin


Don’t worry, most of these fines are issued to those bad drivers, or more specifically, people who don’t know how to park their cars. According to Councilman Daniel Carvalho bad parked cars occupied 40% of the roads of the city.

The Ministry of Mobility identified the communes with the largest number of poorly parked: El Poblado (mainly in Ciudad del Rio and in streets 10 and 10A), La Candelaria (by the Parque de las Luces and near the Autonomous University) And Laureles-Stadium (35th Street with Avenida Jardín and in the sector of the Obelisk).

Medellin has a traffic problem, they are hoping to control poorly parked cars off the roads of Medellin. If you plan on driving in Medellin, make sure to park your car correctly. The locks were approved in May 2, 2017.

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