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How to Extend Your Tourist Visa in Medellin Colombia

migracion colombia in medellin

The rule for how long most tourists can stay is:

  • 180 days in a calendar year (January 1st to December 31st in any given year) or
  • 180 days consecutively

More information on How Long Can I Stay in Medellin with Tourist Visa

You can extend your Tourist Visa by going to Migracion Colombia website here:

How to Make an Appointment with Migracion Colombia

Note that you will need to use “Espanol” version ONLY. For some reason the English version does not allow you to make an appointment. Try to schedule your appointment during the weekday and during business hours. It’s a bit strange since I’ve attempted to schedule an appoint during the weekend and could not schedule one.

Also note that you will not be able to schedule an appoint months or weeks in advance. You will want to schedule an appointed a week prior to your Tourist Visa expiration.

Here are the steps to schedule an appointment using their system.

  1. After you’ve entered your Name, Passport Number, Year of Birth, Sex, Contact Phone, and Email address
  2. Verify that you have selected the following:

migracion colombia visa selection

3. Click on the empty form (screenshot above) and the calendar will pop out. You might see an error (they have crappy developers!) just use >> to change the month and go back << to the current month. You will notice that the schedule meetings is restricted. So depending on when your visa expires, you can schedule the meeting accordingly. They will provide you with a maximum of three to four days (Extend your Tourist visa one or four days before expiration)

migracion colombia visa

Once you’ve confirmed your appointment, take a picture or write down your confirmation number.

What’s Next? Going to Migracion Colombia!

If you need to apply for a Visa extension, sign a union libre, or obtain a cedula, you will need to go to Migracion Colombia in Belen.

In regards to your Visa extension, once you made an appointment online, you can take a taxi or uber (cheaper) to Belen. If they ask you where you need to go, most people will know where this place is.

If you use Google Maps and type in that specific direction, they will drop you off to the other side and not the actual entrance. (Google if you are reading this, your current street view of the entrance is not there!)

migracion colombia in medellin

The actual location is in the alley way, you will most likely see people waiting in line around 8am in the morning.

migracion colombia

P.S Look at the Google Street view and look at this picture (taken in 2017). Funny how Migracion decided to break a wall and build a door there.

The picture above shows you the entrance of Migracion Colombia located on the right side.

You will line up where the booth is located at (picture below) and you might need your confirmation number (when you made an appointment online). Hand in your passport and they will have you fill out a Visa extension form.

inside migracion colombia

They will ask you to make or have 1) a copy of your passport (with the details) 2) copy of the current visa stamp. If you have not made a copy, you can walk outside, turn right and enter into that building straight ahead. She will be the only person who can help make copies in that area. The costs are around 200-300 pesos for each copy.

copy store in medellin migracion colombia

Once you’ve filled out the form, have a copy of your passport and the visa stamp, you will have to wait till you’re called. In most cases the only question you might get is, what is that? (If you have bad handwriting). You will need to pay with a credit card, NOT CASH! The current price for visa extension is about 92,000-98,000 pesos. You do not have to bring a photo since they once you’re done with the person sitting on the desk, they will ask you to go towards the hall to your left and take a photo.

Once you’ve taken your photo, you’re done.

I’ve had seen a few people without an appointment, just make sure that you do make an appointment online in case it’s busy that day or if for some reason they reject you for not making an appointment.

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