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Medellin Best Burger Contest Everyone Can Take a Part Of


Tulio Recomienda, the famous “gastronomy poet”, was tired of being told that his lists of the best hamburgers were not fair and that this or that one had been left out.

From there the Burger Master was born: a contest that gathers the top 30 best hamburgers in the city of Medellin – also known like “artesanales”/

It works in the following way. From Monday June 5th through June 16, 30 restaurants in Medellin and other nearby municipalities will sell their best hamburger at $10.000 pesos – in some places they offer hamburger and artisan beer combo for $ 15.000.

The Burger Master summoned more people than they expected and their kitchen were out of stock.

Customers complained about long lines and slow service, but it was not expected that an event like this was born through social network.

The result surpassed the target, since the goal was to sell 50,000 hamburgers in 12 days, the first day these burger spots sold 13,000 hamburgers.

That’s why Tulio had to set a new goal: now they want to sell 100,000 hamburgers that would make the Burger Master Medellin in the gastronomy a contest with more different variety sold around the world.

The gastronomic critic assures that they will replicate the event in cities like Bogotá and Cartagena, hoping that they will be able to make similar contests with other types of food.

For him the important thing is that Medellin will soon become the top 5 of the best cities in the world to eat hamburgers, and that the paisas have the possibility to taste these burgers from these restaurants for a price of “corrientazo”. 

Typical wages in Medellin, does not provide people to afford things like burgers or at least fancy ones. Some people in Medellin never tasted Burger King or McDonalds!

Check out where you can start your Burger journey in Medellin

You can also download the App Tulio:


burgermaster tulio

burgermaster tulio

burgermaster tulio

burgermaster tulio

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