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Medellin: What’s the Weather like in May

weather in may in medellin

If you like the rain, May is one of the months to be in Medellin, Colombia…

October is the other month; the raining champion. You can actually smell the rain coming, sometimes it gets really hot and a gush of wind will hint you that it’s time. Within a few minutes, you’d run towards the nearest shelter waiting for it to end. While your average day in Medellin throughout the year might be a bit of sunshine, sprinkle of rain, slight humidity and cool breeze, May in Medellin is cold and pouring rain, and on half of the month, you see the sun shining so bright that wearing a sunglass is a must.

Yes, sunshine tries to defend its Eternal Spring late morning and afternoon, but your typical drizzle and cloud hold more rain than other months in the year.

weather in may in medellin the cloud in medellin

Yet your typical day still goes strong, you’ll see people walking or running to work. Colombians are social so you will still see vibrant gatherings at night. You will see them wearing winter clothing during this time of year as well.

But don’t expect the yellow taxi’s to take you anywhere while raining. If you use Easy Taxi app, you’ll need to wait till the rain stops. Most taxi drivers would rather park and wait out the rain than driving around. It’s totally understandable as the street traffic gets really congested and taxi drivers are the more aggressive driver than your average local driver (Keyword “more”).

Uber has been a gift during the raining months, you’ll easily get an Uber ride versus taxi’s. While Parque Lleras might not be as packed and full of excitement, you can still enjoy most popular clubs, bars, and restaurant. In La 70 (La cententa) you’ll still see bars full of people.

By definition, rain is not a tsunami, or a drizzle. Rain in May and in October is more like dancing in the rain for a few minutes to a hour or so. There are times when the rain will continue for 3-4 hours and it usually stops. Then, the sun starts to illuminate the whole city and the warmth of the sun hugs you.

dancing in the rain

Birds chip more during this time of year, so it’s pretty nice waking up in Medellin to the sounds of birds chirping. So, pack your sweaters, peacoats, hats, yes actual shoes, sandals, shorts, jeans and enjoy Medellin in May.

weather in may medellin


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