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Metro in Medellin Adding Free Wifi

metro in medellin
Photo:Julio César Herrera Echeverri from

Metros in Medellin is close to implementing free Wi-Fi in 32 stations, in the Capital of Antioquia.

The financial support for this initiative will be through the Medellín Digital Program of the Economic Development Secretariat of the city. Pilot phase will be implemented to check the quality of the internet in the stations.

According to Jaime Cuartas, a councilor who has led this initiative since 2013, the purpose is to increase the connectivity that would benefit about one million people who uses  the Medellín Metro and daily.

The approximate investment for the first phase of the project would be close to 950,000,000 ($330,000 USD) million and will be implemented soon with the objective of being a technology that is sustainable over time.

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