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Olaya Herrera Airport Now Approves International Flight

Olaya Herrera Airport takes international flight

The Olaya Herrera airport in Medellín was signed so that it can receive and dispatch aircraft to and from other countries.

“This permission that we obtained last year with the Civil Aeronautics, was missing formalization with the other authorities involved in an international operation,” said Jorge Hugo Duarte Guzmán , Olaya Herrera airport manager at Airplan SA (Translated)

They needed the final approval by the Migration Colombia, Antinarcotics Police, ICA and the National Tax and Customs Office (Dian).

“This green light was the one that was achieved a few days ago”, said Duarte Guzman.

Consequently, at present, this track can operate international flights of corporate, executive and general aviation from the new terminal Gonzalo Mejía Trujillo.

These flights are those that have no commercial use, but those of aircraft that are owned by natural or legal persons for their own benefit.

That is, a commercial airline or charter flight can not use this air terminal of the capital of Antioquia for international flights. Example, a multinational (legal entity) has its own aircraft and this is used to transport its top executives.

Also if a celebrity or someone with a lot of purchasing power has their own plane, you can arrive from abroad to this terminal of the Olaya Herrera.

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