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Planning on coming to Medellin? Here’s what you need to know about Medellin new laws

police in medellin

The new police code was introduced on January 30, 2017, but during the first six months, no fines will be charged while the citizens and tourists are better acquainted with the new law.

Here are the new police code along with the fine each will cost you:

1. Before you have the urge to pee in the alley or a nearby tree, or if your stomach can’t take it anymore. It will cost you 736,000 COP if you get caught.

2. Medellin is changing their ways. Before the new law, employers required a pregnancy test. While the workplace is still at its infancy, this law will enforce the company remove the pregnancy requirement. The fine for an employer will be 160,000 COP

3. Invading the privacy or bullying others by publishing them on social networks. Posting photos with content on social networks that morally affect the person who is in it can cost you 325,328 COP

4. Walking a dog and don’t take care of the waste? Each time you take your pet out for a walk, you must pick up their waste, otherwise you can cough up 82,000 COP.

5. If you’ve been living in Medellin, you will see people cutting in front of you like it’s no big deal. Hopefully, no one dares to push/cut seniors or pregnant women when entering a public transportation. The “right of way” should always be given to the seniors and to pregnant women on any public transport. 80,000 COP fine.

6. If you plan on having a party in a residential area, just make sure you test the volume of the music and moderate it. 328,000 COP 

7. Medellin is well known for their public affections. If you walk down Parque Poblado, Paque Lleras, you are bound to see all kind of action. Attacking any members of the LGBT community: Lesbians, gays, bisexuals or transsexuals either physically or verbally will cost you 657,000 COP.

8. Want to steal a bus ride or any public transportation? It’ll cost you 325,000 COP

9. Joking or Reporting False Emergencies to the Police. 657,000 COP

10. Buy a stolen phone. There’s an uprising in cellphone theft in Medellin, be aware of those who are looking for trouble and don’t pull out your fancy phone and show people that you’re rich. Nonetheless, buying a stolen phone will cost you additional 160,000 COP

11. DO NOT attack or disrespect the police. 657,000 COP

12. Disrespecting or disturbing Churches, Temples, Cemeteries, Clinics or Libraries. 328,000 COP

13. Before you start a fight in public space. Know that you will be fined 160,000 COP

14. Physical assault on a citizen. 393,440 COP

15. For allowing or inducing physical, verbal, psychological or sexual abuse in a public or private place. Whatever is against the will of the person. 786,880 COP

16. DO NOT let your pet go through trash bags or containers and make a mess. 98,360

17. Perform sexual, obscene, or exhibitionist acts on public streets or places open to the public. 328,000 COP

18. Eating or Smoking in the Public Transportation System. 80,000 COP

19. Damage, block and destroy public station doors or buses. 325,000 COP

20. Carrying any weapons or dangerous chemicals. 250,000 COP

new police code in medellin colombia

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