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Taxi’s in Medellin – Make sure the driver isn’t cheating you

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Few taxi drivers were caught increasing rates and manipulating the meter. The device is installed under the steering wheel and a button could be pressed to activate with either the hand or a foot.

To be aware of the taxi drivers who have this device installed, it’s important to understand how the meter device works. For every 78 meters, 87 pesos is added and for every 60 seconds of waiting, while the vehicle completely stops, they charge an additional 150 pesos.

Juan Esteban Martínez Ruiz, Secretary of Mobility of Medellín, said that they are continuously developing operations to review these conditions. Any passengers are invited to report, information provided below.

In 2016 the Ministry of Mobility fined 811 drivers of public service for not keeping the notice of visible rates or having it deteriorated. And 486 taxi drivers were penalized for carrying the damaged taximeter, with broken seals or with tampered calibration stickers.

taxi meter in medellin

Do not let them charge you more

In Medellín, taxis have their rates regulated by the Ministry of Mobility of Medellín and the last adjustment was made in September 2016.

According to the official rate table, the minimum has the starting point at 3,000 pesos.

If you hire the taxi only, you must pay 27,000 pesos for each hour and if your destination is José María Córdova airport, the rate is 65,000 pesos.

Adulterated taximeters can be reported to Medellin line 445 77 72 and 123.

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