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The Air Hostel in Abejorral Antioquia Colombia

aero hostel in antioquia
If you think Guatape is the only amazing destination that is around Medellin, this is a destination should definitely be on your to-do list as well if you’re traveling to Medellin. While it’s a 3-hour bus ride to the town of Abejorral in Antioquia where you will then need to go east towards Arboleda, it might just be worth it.
There is a house that was built in the middle of the mountain on the hill of San Vicente, originally for climbers, but now has become a tourist destination that offers housing like you’ve never seen before.

Activities while in Abejorral are zip-line, climb the San Vicente top, hiking, hammock from 35 meters high, etc.

Google Maps of the Hostel in the Air in Abejorral, Antioqua, Colombia.

If you’re up for nature, adventure, thrill, best experience with incredible landscape and at one of the best hostel in the world… Another magical place surrounding Medellin and all of Antioquia like Santa Elena, you might ask yourself why not Medellin.

Hostel: La Casa en el Aire

hostel in abejorral antioquia

Inside the Hostel

iniside of hostel in abejorral antioquia

Hammock in the Air

hammock at hostel in abejorral antioquia

Another view of the hostel

closer view to hostel in abejorral antioquia


zipline in abejorral antioquia


You can check their website here.

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