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A Review: The Best Notary Office in Poblado Medellin

notary in medellin

If you plan on living in Medellin, you’ll probably need to do the following:

Obtain a visa, rental, buy a house, or get a union libre and most likely a divorce. All of which requires you to notarize your document(s).

If you’re located in Poblado, Mila de Oro, there are several notary offices you can choose to from. Here is a list of Notaria in Medellin. If you do a Google Map search (see below) you can type in “Notaria” and see numbers associated with each notary offices. Any other offices that does not have a number, I would take precautions.

I’ve been to two different notary offices Notaria 11 and Notaria 12, so this article does not provide any review regarding other offices. Based on two different situation, the winner is… continue reading.

Why Do You Need Notary in Medellin?

I’ve been in two situation where I had to renew my passport and obtain a student visa, both needing a power of attorney letter notarized.

notaria 11 in medellin

Notaria 11 in Medellin

The line is a gamble, depending on the time you decide to notarize your document, it will either be a hour long wait or be the first person in line. You will need to use the machine that is located to your right when you enter the room to take a number, currently, there is no way to make an appointment online.

notaria 11 in medellin

If you do not speak Spanish, you will most likely want to avoid coming here. If you are going to notarize any letter, they will want to have a translator notarize the original (example: English letter) and have it translate it to Spanish and notarize that letter as well. The lady that signs off on the whole process has an uptight look, looking for ways to find any reason(s) to reject you. Call it her gift, but my two experience with her (two months apart, thinking that she might have forgotten about me) has been consistent.

The lady who approves all notary started asking question regarding the document. Not being fluent in Spanish, I did not understand her. Previously, the gentleman on desk #1 spoke to me in Spanish and went through the whole process and paid the later two desk down. Like I said, the lady who signs off on all notary just does not want to notarize. Maybe she likes her job and takes is seriously, or something else. Whatever the case is, don’t waste your time there.

To simply avoid all the hassle, you can walk or hail a cab towards Parque Poblado and head towards Calle 10a and walk into Notaria 12

notaria 12 in medellin

Notaria 12 in Medellin

You can enter into the first entrance towards the left (picture above), and a lady or a younger gentlemen will be there to help you. They will notarize with the quickness and will tell you to go to the second entrance to pay (booth with the word Caja will be displayed on the right entrance when you get in). Once you pay, a man with a belly will simply sign off your documents and you’ll be on your way.

I should not write this, but I will. My instructions from the lawyer weren’t clear, so I took my Passport form with me to notarize it, along with my Power of Attorney letter. While I was in Notaria 11, they could not notarize my English document (Passport Form) but Notaria 12 did. I hope that they do not get into trouble, but it goes to show that Notaria 12 gets things done. Typically, they cannot and would not notarize any english documents.


Price to notarize one document with signature and fingerprint is about 4,000 pesos and some change (as of 2017).

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