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The History of The Flower Festival in Medellin

flower festival in medellin

The History of Medellin is worth knowing, most popular one is the Feria de las Flores, the Flower Festival in Medellin, Colombia. The Silleter, is a peasant from the territory of Santa Elena who used the silleta (almost looks like a chair) as a means of transport to sell flowers and other products in the city of Medellín) was in charge of transporting merchandise from one side to another. They would also carry people with down and up the hills. Over time, the peasants of the district of Santa Elena, saw this as a good way to move and sell their flowers in Medellín, and little by little these characters became an emblem of the city.

silleter flower festival in medellin

Nowadays they apply all their creativity and physical effort loading silletas that sometimes can equal or surpass their own weight. The first fair was held on May 1, 1957, and over time was gathering force to become a reason for national and international tourists to visit the “city of eternal spring”.

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Arturo Uribe, a member at that time of the Board of the Office of Promotion and Tourism was in charge of this important initiative. Although its first version doesn’t compare to what the fair is today, the inhabitants began to see themselves increasingly attracted by the charm of Antioqueño flowers that led to a lively setting in various social spaces. Forty peasants from the district of Santa Elena were in charge of carrying out the first parade of silleteros, and there was also an exhibition of flowers organized by the Gardening Club of Medellín and Monsignor Tulio Botero.

Gigantes de Flores / Flowers Giants, Medellin, 06-08-2015

Although, May was the month assigned to flowers, from 1958, the fair was passed for August, the month of independence in Antioquia. Likewise, as time passed by, new events were integrated into the fair as the cavalcade, the parade of classic and antique cars, tablados (is a platform that is implemented to make an artistic or musical presentation) mountain fondas (Was a place destined for rest of the peasants in their long trips, where they found food, lodging, and alcoholic drinks), among others.

silleter in medellin

With the passage of time, the Flower Festival in Medellin has taken force becoming one of the most important festivities in Colombia and a lot of prestige abroad. This activity, which was celebrated in August in 1958, has not stopped since. The city’s streets became vibrant and extravagant.


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