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Tourism in Medellin in 2016: Where are they coming from?

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According to experts, there were 702,086 tourists in 2016, 15% increase from 2015.

Most of these tourists came from Panama, the UK, and Peru doubled their arrival last year compared to 2015.

In 2008, there were 270,080 tourists versus today 702,086. You will meet many tourists who decided to stay here as long as possible. We hope to share you stories of people and why they love Medellin.

The Government of Antioquia, the City of Medellin and the Medellin Convention Bureau indicated:

Medellin showed an increase of foreigners by 24 percent. Doubling the 12 percent national increase


Reasons Why People are Coming to Medellin?

Medellin is not a hidden gem anymore, offering amazing events, fairs, economic value, up and coming restaurants, *catch my breath. You will see the night life shining every day even though they have work the next day. On Sundays, you will see thousands of people walking, running, cycling and enjoying life.

People here are friendly and life in the Eternal Spring is not only legitimate, it’s what the Paisa’s (locals) always say, “Tranquillo” (Relax). Medellin is truly a developing country where Starbucks meets restaurants located in apartment buildings. Office buildings to local guys wheeling their avocado carts to sell to the neighborhoods.

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