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Traditions in Medellin: Throwing Flour and Celebrating Experience

Writing about my trip to Medellin Columbia this past summer of 2017. I had always wanted to take a trip by myself and had heard great things about Medellin so decided to go. Traveling alone to a country where you don’t speak the language is daunting, but fortunately I had friends that were from there so they connected me with family that was local.

city of medellin

They were kind enough to show me around for some of the time. After I landed, I caught a taxi and was driven for about 20 to 30 minutes into town. Medellin sits in a valley between Mountains. It’s vertical and beautiful. Almost like NYC nestled in the mountains. Bustling streets and high rises all around.

It has public transportation that takes you basically from one end of the city to the other. Very easy to use and navigate. Even for someone that doesn’t speak the language.

charlee hotel view in medellin

I stayed at The Charlee hotel. A trendy, upscale hotel with a great fitness center. Right in the heart of the action. The first night I arrived there was a championship soccer match that apparently Medellin had not been in for over 20 years. I had always thought American Football was crazy in terms of a fan base. But after witnessing the town just shut down all day for this game, I gained a new appreciation for soccer.

Medellin won and people were in the streets partying until the next morning. Throwing flour, a tradition I learned the hard way (featured image), and celebrating in general.

medellin sign on street

While there I went to the Botanic Gardens, Parque Arvi, Museum of Modern Art, etc. The food was amazing and it is a very cost effective place to travel too as the dollar goes a long way. The people were very friendly, and put up with my English only speaking. The bartender at The Charlee was awesome and always said hello. Oh, and the view from the pool on the top of The Charlee is breathtaking, day and night.

Overall, I highly recommend checking Medellin out. I definitely want to go back and get outside the city and explore. Although it was recommended, I went a little apprehensively because my only exposure to Colombia prior was watching Pablo Escobar documentaries. I left a huge fan of the city, the people and the culture.

Scott Meier

By: Scott Meier

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