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What Electrical Plugs Are Used in Medellin?

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Colombia uses 110-120 Volts which is similar to the US and Canada standard. You won’t need an adapter if you are from the US or Canada.

electrical plug for medellin


US power socket

Depending on Where You Stay in Medellin

Poblado should have three prong outlets versus few places in Laureles where they only have two plug outlets. You might need to pack or purchase an adapter.

threetotwoprong plug medellin

If you are traveling from Europe, Asia, or other countries you will need an adapter. Check your voltage if your device also needs a transformer.

There are several places you can purchase an adapter or a transformer. You can find adapters in several stores like:




Monterey Mall – Probably the best, cheapest place to purchase one. Since the mall caters to everything electronics (new and used)


While power outages are rare here, be sure to pack your travel surge power protector or pick one up at one of these locations.

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