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What You Expect to See in Medellin

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Leave behind some comforts the City of Medellin has to offer and forget your idea of a traditional trip, strip away the four or five star hotel and stay at a hostel. Whether you are a backpacker or want to immerse yourself into Colombian culture in Medellin, here’s a few tips.

As a Backpacker, Minimalist, Nomadic Adventure Awaits You in Medellin.

medellin whole city

It is now common to see people, especially young people and foreigners who wear T-shirts, light-colored shirts, shorts, and sandals, walking around the City of Medellin with a backpack. Although, the locals (Paisas) still complain why foreigners are not wearing jeans, actual shoes, and why foreigners bother dunking themselves with cologne (Colombian loves to spray themselves), it is now the norm to see a few sandals here and there.

There are a lot of hostels, or small hotels in Medellin, few can’t decide where to stay. Walk around La Cetenta 70 in Estadio-Laureles and you’ll be surrounded by bars, and more than a dozen hotels. You’ll surely come across a fellow traveller. Airbnb in this area supplies many travelers who decided to live in Medellin.

You can still wake up in the morning and go towards your balcony and shout “Chico!” to the man selling avocado and few fruits as he strolls with his cart. Grab an avocado for your morning breakfast or create a smoothie. They are cheaper than going to a market to buy your fruits and vegetables.

avocado man in medellin

Language Exchange Meets Backpacker in Medellin

ondas hostel in medellin

Medellin is known to have a friendly atmosphere and you can see Colombians and backpackers get together at language exchange events such as Ondas Language Exchange held every Wednesday (find more language exchanges on our On-going Events).

Most people associate backpackers to exotic and remote places. But Medellin has opened its door to the true meaning of backpackers:

“Experiencing One’s Country, Gaining Experience, Meeting People”.

Most Backpackers Are Now Moving Towards La Floresta

We see more of this every day, where people can get to experience Paisa culture without the developed city feel. While Poblado still seems to be the number one tourist destination, backpackers are the ones who are truly exploring different neighborhoods and finding themselves immerse into the culture. Estadio-Laureles being one of the best bar scene in Medellin, are now being populated with tourist, yet you can still experience their culture. You might enjoy a few nights when the Atletico Nacional plays and win, you’ll want to experience that event.

parque la floresta

Parque La Floresta

Whether you are a fellow backpacker, Digital Nomad or met someone along your own journey. Share your experience about Medellin with us!


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