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Five Days in Belgium

A proper visit to Belgium should include the Belgian highlights: Brussels, Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp and of course a Belgian beer brewery.

Yage in medellin

Ayahuasca Experience in Medellin

Ayahuasca is not your friend, it’s your master Ayahuasca is a plant mixture that induces altered states of consciousness, lasting between 4-8 hours. It has different names and in Colombia they call it Yagé /jɑːˈheɪ/. I did Ayahuasca in Pucallpa, Peru and I also did it many times in Medellin. I didn’t see any difference between… Read More »Ayahuasca Experience in Medellin

The Magical Mountain in Santa Elena

Few have said that Santa Elena is one of their favorite place in Antioquia. I had to write about this one place called La Montaña Mágica, a District of Santa Elena. It’s less than 30-50 minutes drive from Medellín. There’s a tingling feeling, something magical here that most people will know and fall in love with. Yes the… Read More »The Magical Mountain in Santa Elena

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Tourism Injecting Economic Growth in Medellin and New Tourist Destination Added

According to Tourism Indicators System of Medellin and Antioquia (Situr), about 75,000 tourists chose the capital of Antioquia as a tourist destination in the year 2016. Of those, 20,000 were foreigners (Non Latin America). They’ve generated an economic impact on the city of $49 million dollars U.S. For residents abroad, of which 55,000 reported domestic tourists,… Read More »Tourism Injecting Economic Growth in Medellin and New Tourist Destination Added

beer festival in medellin

Microbrew Beer Festival in Medellin

The lowest beer consumption in the country has been Antioquia, because it is more ‘aguardientero’. A city with Aguardiente as it’s preferred alcohol of choice. “We have been gaining ground the aguardiente but still a low average” according to José Quiceno, brewmaster in the region. The figures for the Union brewery indicate that beer consumption of… Read More »Microbrew Beer Festival in Medellin

starbucks coffee in medellin

Why go to Starbucks in Medellin when you’re in Colombia?!

I’ve been living in Medellin Colombia for about 6 months. Drinking coffee is an everyday thing for me. I wake up and drink coffee, after lunch, coffee, work and drink coffee. Caffeine doesn’t really effect me and I’ve accepted the fact that I like to enjoy black coffee. While majority of the people like to… Read More »Why go to Starbucks in Medellin when you’re in Colombia?!