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Microbrew Beer Festival in Medellin

beer festival in medellin

The lowest beer consumption in the country has been Antioquia, because it is more ‘aguardientero’.


A city with Aguardiente as it’s preferred alcohol of choice. “We have been gaining ground the aguardiente but still a low average” according to José Quiceno, brewmaster in the region.

The figures for the Union brewery indicate that beer consumption of Antioquia in 2015 was 32 liters per person/year, far less than the 44 liters/year which was recorded in the country.

However, this is an opportunity for further growth, because according to the industry, the craft brewing industry registered a growth of 30 percent in the share of the Colombian market.

Proof of this is that the city will take the first Independent Craft Beer Festival Medellin, ‘Vive la Beer Festival’ this Saturday April 29th, 2017


The event, which will take place this Saturday at the Orquideorama Botanical Garden, that will bring together more than 18 breweries houses. Notable breweries are: 3 Cordilleras, BBC, Free, Brew House, Abbey, among others.

Medellin Is among the Three Most Productive Cities of Microbrew

“Today’s audiences want different flavors, and this event can contribute to growth in training drink, beer consumption and creating palates” said Andrés Guarín, event organizer and brewmaster.

Medellin is the second or third Colombian city in terms of craft beer producers are concerned. “Producers of the city are about 200 to about 600 liters per month. It seems little, but it’s a big change compared to how we started.”

Beer Festival in Medellin


Courtesy Festival Viva la Cerveza

“The craft brewers seek to use ingredients that in the minds of many not go with the beer, but… beers are incredibly compatible with coconut, chamomile, different yeast strains, infinite variety of light malts, toasts, dark and burned and not to mention the variety of hops” said Guarin.

The Microbrews Seek Intensity in Flavors, Aromas and the Variety of Beer Styles

About 2,000 people will attend. Brewers and those who are not brewers, are expected to try high quality drinks, different and full of flavors and aromas.

The tickets are available at a value of 35,000 pesos each a beer glass and a complimentary beer is acquired, while enjoying a food court , games, outdoor concerts and an academic area for training around the drink.

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