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The Magical Mountain in Santa Elena

Few have said that Santa Elena is one of their favorite place in Antioquia.

I had to write about this one place called La Montaña Mágica, a District of Santa Elena. It’s less than 30-50 minutes drive from Medellín. There’s a tingling feeling, something magical here that most people will know and fall in love with. Yes the scene is absolutely gorgeous, nature surrounds you, but this one particular spot hold the wonders of the Hobbits.

Lord of the Rings in Medellin?

Photo Hotel and Spa la Montaña MagicaWho would’ve thought that you get to emerge yourself with Frodo or Bilbo Baggins. You won’t find the Ring here, however, you will feel tranquility and breathe in fresh air. More importantly, you will wake up and always have that smile on your face; You’re a Hobbit!

While there are few places where you can stay, who would want to refuse being a hobbit for a day?

paisa hobbit

Look a Paisa Hobbit!

Hobbit room in medellin

Since La Montaña Mágica is in the middle of the Airport Jose Maria Cordova and Medellin, you have a few options if you are planning on coming to Medellin. You can enjoy Santa Elena before you arrive to the city of Medellin or after your trip and before you go back home.

Parque Arvi is not far, you might also want to check it out. 

You can check out Spa La Montana Magica website to reserve your room, get a turkish bath, or a spa massage, and walk around the area.

turkish bath in santa elena medellin

If you’re Lord of the Rings fan, or simply want to relax, La Montaña Mágica is where you want to go when you’re in Medellin. Check this off as things you can do in Medellin and you will understand why it is called the Magical Mountain.

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